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Our passion is under water photography and most of the pictures are from visits to tropical waters or from our local Swedish cold waters. But we also show pictures from above the surface.

'overklighet' is Swedish for unreality. The purpose of this site is to share pictures of the real world, hence interpretations of the real world, ergo, overklighet.

The photography is original work by Bo Olsson or Steina Aradottir. Copyright (C) by the original photographer. All rights reserved. Permission granted for limited personal use by private persons

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Threespot damselfish (Stegastes planifrons) Crinoid squat lobster (Allogalathea elegans) In the cleft
Tidbits from our collection of 112 under-water favorites
Fisherman in the lagoon Balinese farmer with a scythe Common Emerald Hummingbird (Chlorostilbon melisugu)
Tidbits from our collection of 70 above-water favorites
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