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In the cleft

In the cleft
(C) Bo L Olsson 2010, Smögen, Sweden. Album: Sweden UW 2010
A new album with UW pictures from Sweden. The album contains our pictures from the Swedish Championship in UW photography, and pictures from our training session in Smögen before the competition. In Smögen we finally understood the techique to capture wide angle pictures in bad visibility, as this picture shows. Unfortunately, we were not able to repeat the concept at the competition. There you go!

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Bo wrote about 5 years ago (2010-09-25 23:02:03 UTC)

Hi Krista, Welcome to our site. Glad you enjoy it! There's a lot to explore.
Krista wrote about 5 years ago (2010-09-25 17:38:46 UTC)

Wow! The green glow is incredible!
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