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Red Sea 2019  (80)
Red Sea 2019
Photo safari to Egyptian Red Sea with Magnus Lundgren as mentor. Safaga, Brothers, Daedalus, Elphinstone. Most unusually, I dove with my wide angle zoom almost all day dives. Hunting for Oceanic white-tip shark.
Non-nudibranch pictures from Buceo Anilao, Luzon, where we continued diving after the end of the Nudi Safari. More varied dive sites with more 'normal' coral reef dives. The guides continued to be superb! Februari 2018.
Nudi Safari to Buceo Anilao in the Philippines with international experts Klas Malmberg & Kennet Lundin. A bunch of almost 20 enthusiasts in ten days together managed to get photo proof of about 250 different species of nudibranches. Our 65 species are displayed here. February 2018
Very delayed, here are our pictures from dives in Sweden. Mostly from the nudibranch course by Klas Malmberg and Kennet Lundin in Smögen 2015, but also some from the Gullmarn fjord. At last we see skeleton shrimps, and in abundance!
Red Sea 2014  (82)
Red Sea 2014
Nice revisit of Marsa Shagra Eco Lodge. A week in the Red Sea in October, 2014.
Iceland with Salva and Christer. Six years since the last time. Silfra and Strýtan were revisited and Erlendur Bogason gave us tips about Nesgjá, a small Silfra-mimic in the north, and Litlaá, a creek with geothermal activity. July 2014.
Lembeh 2014  (110)
Lembeh 2014
Back to another favorite, Diver Lodge in Lembeh, Sulawesi, Indonesia. The second one-week stop on a journey with Exposure Expeditions. March 2014.
Papua 2014  (75)
Papua 2014
Back to a favorite, Kri Resort in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia. The first one-week stop on a journey with Exposure Expeditions. March 2014.
UW pictures from Skåne and the Swedish West Coast 2012-2013
Maldives 2013  (95)
Maldives 2013
A week on MV Leo, a well equipped live-aboard in the Maldives, November 2013. A bit crowded in the water, and a bit too long flight for a week's diving. But fantastic to escape the autumn gloom in Sweden
Red Sea 2013  (68)
Red Sea 2013
Nice revisit of Marsa Shagra Eco Lodge together with our friends Martin and Eva. A week in the Red Sea in April, 2013. Bo with new kit: Nikon D800 in a Sea&Sea housing.
First part of the 3 week trip to Ecuador. One week diving Galapagos with Buddy Dive together with Magnus Lundgren and Exposure Expeditions and a bunch of friendly Swedish divers. Fantastic! Also see the photo book (2012 Galapagos 1) with selected pictures from all participants.
Tenerife 2012  (51)
Tenerife 2012
A two-weeks vacation on Tenerife, Canary Island. We dived with Blue Explorers, former Easy Blue World, at the east and south coast. With a water temperature of 18°C, the dry suit was well motivated. Many for us new fish species since these were our first dives in the Atlantic south of Iceland. March 2012.
Gullmarn 2011  (13)
Gullmarn 2011
A weekend in Gullmarn at the Swedish west coast.
Lembeh 2011  (89)
Lembeh 2011
One week in Lembeh Strait, north Sulawesi, Indonesia. This time at Black Sand Dive Retreat. We saw lots of new critters compared with 2008, perhaps because we mostly visited the dive sites in the north part of the strait, or due to the very competent dive guides Atu and Hengke. Steina without camera (drowned in Weda) and Bo with one flash only (one imploded in Weda). March 2011
Halmahera 2011  (87)
Halmahera 2011
Two weeks in Weda Bay, Halmahera, east of Sulawesi, Indonesia. With Rob's dive center (only one on the island) where we were the next to last divers since a Chinese mining company bribed their way to an open-pit mining permit neighboring the premises. In spite of the havock, a very good diving trip, although not quite in the same class as Raja Ampat. April 2011
Narvik 2010  (60)
Narvik 2010
UW pictures from the wrecks in Narvik harbour, Norway. One week diving on the ore cargo ships Neuenfels, Stråssa, Fisser and Romanby, and the destroyers Hermann Kunne, Wilhelm Heidkamp and Anton Schmitt. An Aqualund trip (Bo & Steina, Christer & Jim, Rick & Jon) arranged by Narvik Dyk & Äventyr.
Pool 2010  (17)
Pool 2010
Aqualund freedivers and UW-rugby team in Högevallsbadets pool. The overhead light is slightly orange, but after adjusting the pictures' white balance to show natural skin colors under water the effect becomes much more vivid.
Sweden UW 2010  (43)
Sweden UW 2010
UW pictures from Skåne and Bohuslän, Sweden. Among these, the pictures from the Swedish 2010 Championship in UW photography, late August around Hamburgsund, where Bo competed as photographer and Steina as buddy. This year we won the theme class "Surface"
Three weeks in the Caribbean. First Bonaire (where we travelled to directly after our certification 2003) to check if it is as good as in our memories (well), and then Curacao to get som change (but it truly was very similar to Bonaire). Good, but in the end we longed for the greater biodiversity in Asia.
March 2010.
UW pictures from Skåne and Bohuslän, Sweden. Among these, the pictures from the Swedish 2009 Championship in UW photography, late August around Väderöarna, where Bo competed as photographer and Steina as buddy. Steina is now up to speed, producing stunning pictures as demonstrated by the thumbnail for this album, and many other pics in the album.
Red Sea 2009  (84)
Red Sea 2009
One week live-aboard in the north Red Sea with friends from Dykterminalen. We went from Hurghada with Shark Point (in Ras Mohammed NP) and the famous war wreck Thistlegorm as highlights.
November 2009.
Pemuteran 2009  (86)
Pemuteran 2009
A week with Paul and his searovers in Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia. We spent most of our dives right outside the dive center in the 'Mucky Pirates Bay', which is a real quality site if you like critter hunting as we do. Some of our pictures are showed on Paul's gallery. Also see the our topside pictures from Tulamben
Tulamben 2009  (79)
Tulamben 2009
Tulamben and Nusa Lembongan in Bali, Indonesia. One week at each place with another week inbetween in Pemuteran (see above). Shore dives in Tulamben and boat dives around Nusa Penida from Lembongan. March 2009. Also see our topside pictures from Bali and Lembongan.
Saudi 2008  (62)
Saudi 2008
Northern outskirts of the Farasan banks outside Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with a bunch of nice Swedes on a liveaboard. Six diving days with 25 dives each. Good, but not better than Marsa Shagra. Hot water, 30-31 degrees centigrade all the way down. Also see the topside pictures.
Iceland 2008 uw  (37)
Iceland 2008 uw
Trip to Iceland with Aqualund. Two of the world's top-ten dives: Silfra in Tingvallavatn, 'the crack between Europe and America', and Strýtan i Eyjafjördur, the only divable place in the world with hot water chimneys. Big thank you's to Reykjavik's dive club SKFÍ for valuable advise and guiding. Also see the land pictures.
Lembeh 2008  (69)
Lembeh 2008
Lembeh strait, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Half a week on the way back home from Papua. There may be some pictures that fall below our usual standards here at overklighet, but what creatures! April 2008. Also see the topside pictures.
Papua 2008  (84)
Papua 2008
Raja Ampat in Papua, Indonesia. Two fantastic weeks at the Kri Resort. One of the flashes died after a week. April 2008. Also see the topside pictures.
Red Sea 2007  (45)
Red Sea 2007
A week in October in Marsa Shagra, Egypt. No catastrophes! Excapt that I forgot the charger to the flashes so this turned into a nice practise run in UW photo with natural lighting (Magic filter with RAW is brilliant!)
West coast 2007  (20)
West coast 2007
Trip to Klartjärn (Norway) with Aqualund. A dead lake (pH 4) with some dive bugs (Coleoptera). Better visibility in the fall we were told later. Väderöarna at the Swedish west coast on our way back home.
Pool 2007  (9)
Pool 2007
Aqualund's freedivers in the pool with a new Nikon D200
Tvedöra  (6)
Signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) in Tvedöra sand quarry nearby Lund. December 2007
Cuba 2007  (24)
Cuba 2007
Jardines de la Reina, Cuba, in March 2007. The first night there, the taxi driver 'relieved' me of my new D200 camera and next to all of my lenses. In JDLR a very nice man from Czeckoslovakia (Viktor) lend me a D200 house for a couple of dives. He got to try my only surviving lens, Nikon 105 micro, an exchange with very pleasing results for both of us. Topside pictures here.
UW photos from Kullen, Skåne, and from the west coast. It's so much more difficult to get good pictures in Swedish murky waters than in clear tropical ones! The album's thumbnail picture is no longer part of this album since it really belongs to 'Västkusten 2007'.
Red Sea 2006  (13)
Red Sea 2006
Red Sea fall of 2006. Drowned the camera on day two, whoopidoo! Returned to the compact.
The Philipines, spring 2006. My first try with a DSLR underwater (Nikon D70 in Ikelite housing). A lot more difficult than I had imagined to switch from compact to DSLR. So many possibilities to get the wrong settings. Not to talk about the difficulty to have your eye in the camera, thereby loosing reference marks and therefore buoyancy control!
Red Sea 2005  (15)
Red Sea 2005
Marsa Shagra, Egypt Red Sea, fall of 2005
Bali 2004  (18)
Bali 2004
Bali, Indonesia, Dec 2004-Jan 2005. First dive ever with a camera (Sea&Sea DX5000). Not many pictures that survived my critical eye a few years later.

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